Vormur Gardens is the third hunting place after the Tol'Calm Caves and before Vormur Catacombs. This place has been added in the 3.xx versions with a boss named Narith. The only city which is connected to Vormur Gardens is the Vormur Temple which is east of it. In able to teleport to the gardens you will need to complete the quest The Vormur Gardens.

Normal mobs:Edit

Green Spirits

Red Spirits

Black Spirits

Blue Spirits

Mini bosses:Edit

Risen Zombie

Quests that can be found in Vormur Gardens:Edit

[9] Save the Fallen

[9] Put Them To Rest

[10] Spirits Gone Wild

[12] Books of Value

[12] Unexplained Evil

[12] The Vormur Corruption

[13] The Betrayal

Quests in this area:Edit

[7] The Vormur Gadens

[9] Save the Fallen

[9] Put Them To Rest

[10] Spirits Gone Wild

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