Second monster-populated area found in the game, the Tol'Calm Caves feature the first boss of the map, the Broodmother and several other quests for heroes from level 6 to 12. After the Tol'Calm Caves you will be sent to the Vormur Gardens which is located to the west of the Vormur Temple

You can reach this zone only by opening the gate with the key received from the Proving Your Worth quest.


Normal mobsEdit


Poisonous Spiders

Black Spiders


Barbtail Scorpions

Mini bossesEdit


Black Widow

Sludge Monstrosity



Quests in this areaEdit

[8] Proving Your Worth

[7] Tol'Calm Cave Infestation

[6] Eggtastic

[6] Wanted: Krix

[6] Radiation Poisoning

[6] My Expensive Equipment!

[7] I've Been Poisoned and I Can't Get Up

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